MGV Delivery, LLP - Transporting Furniture and Cargo

Who We Are

We Are Family

We are a family-operated cargo/freight business established by Veronica and Geraldine Dismuke, and spearheaded by Martin Dismuke, our Load Manager, who serves as cargo/freight coordinator and customer service representative.

We Believe in Hard Work

We are a family of hard workers. We believe in giving our customers the utmost in customer care.  Our goal is to deliver your cargo with care and provide professional "white glove" setup whenever needed. 

We operate a 26 foot straight box truck and have our own DOT number (#3065313), carrying the required licenses and general liability, commercial liability and cargo insurances.

Your Satisfaction is Our Business

Delivering your cargo/freight is job one. 

We strive to deliver on time, every time.

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MGV Delivery, LLP

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